पट से Headshot

Category :GAMING

Participation Fee : ₹ 500 , Prize : ₹ 14000

(PUBG Mobile)
Compete with 100 players on a remote island for a winner-takes-all showdown where strategic gameplay is as important as shooting skills.
Believe in your comrades and save them until the final zone.
Teamwork brings glory, happy survival.

Number of players :4


1. Only Mobile players are allowed in this tournament.
2. Players have to bring their own mobile, earphone and charger.
3. Each team must have 4 players for entering the tournament with every member must be present at the time of entering the custom room.
4. Every team must register with an appropriate team name.
5. If any player/team finds any unusual activity in the game, he/they must inform immediately to the volunteers/organizers.
6. If any player/team will be found using third party apps.(e.g., crosshairs, SFX etc). if found the whole team will be banned/disqualified from the tournament.
7. Possible technical issues with PUBG Mobile, its server and/or network may cause the game to be rescheduled or cancelled at the sole discretion of the organizers.
8. Match can be restarted if the settings of the server are incorrect.
9. All players must agree to refrain from manipulating the game in anyway. Using of any unapproved game modifications, programs or any other methods that gives one an unfair advantage over other players are strictly prohibited. If found the whole team will be disqualified.
Day 1 :-
Qualifying Round (2 qualifying matches will be held and top 10 players from the combined score of the two matches will be selected for the finals.)
Day 2 :-
Final Round (A single match will be played and the team getting the chicken dinner will get the prize money)


9:00 am - 10:00 am

Terms & Conditions

Points distribution for the qualifying and the final round will be as follows:-
Rank       Points
Kill Points :- 20 points/kill
1. Paticipants must arrive early before the given time period.
2. The rules will be explained once again at the spot by the SPOCs and Volunteers.
3. Any Violation of the given rules would result in disqualification due to penalty.
4. If any issue occured during the event because of our Festronix team and, if it results in cancellation of the event then, the money for the participants will be refunded.
5. For any queries the participant(s) must contact the event SPOCs as in the given details.

1. There will be a complain desk at the reception for any complaints regarding unfair event or no assistance provided from the respective event SPOCs and Volunteers.
2. The above point is only satisfied when the matter or issue is not clarified by the respective event organiser.

Spoc Details

1.Subham Ranjan ( contact No : 7064112157)

2.Saurav Kumar ( contact No : 9709729308)