खाना Khazana

Category :CULTURAL

Participation Fee : ₹ 200 , Prize : ₹ 2000*

At some point in life everyone has to cook or make food for themselves. Cool isn't it.
***Wait we are not talking about Making Maggie***
Here you will be tested upon your cooking skills, that is::
.1. Your cooking speed.
2. Your Hygiene.
3. Ofcourse the taste.
4. How you present your food.
5. And last but not the least, the knowledge you have about your own recipe and your cooked dish.
""Now get to the kitchen start cooking and win against skillful participants.""👌

Number of players :1


1). The participants will have one hour to finish the dish.
2). All the dishes should be indian dish.
3). All should maintain the hygiene .
4). The plating should be neat and clean.
5). the participants may have to improvise the dish if the judges will say.
6). The participants must read rules as, once the event has started the participants are not allowed to create any type of distraction by any means.
7). The participants are solely responsible for their own behaviour.


9:00 am - 11:00 am

Terms & Conditions

1. Paticipants must arrive early before the given time period.
2. The rules will be explained once again at the spot by the SPOCs and Volunteers.
3. They will be provided with ingredients and other cooking items.
4. Any Violation of the given rules would result in disqualification due to penalty.
5. If any issue occured during the event because of our Festronix team and, if it results in cancellation of the event then, the money for the participants will be refunded.
6. For any queries the participant(s) must contact the event SPOCs as in the given details.

1. There will be a complain desk at the reception for any complaints regarding unfair event or no assistance provided from the respective event SPOCs and Volunteers.
2. The above point is only satisfied when the matter or issue is not clarified by the respective event organiser.

Spoc Details

1.Ayushman Das Mohapatra ( contact No : 8327710823)