उड़न Tastari


Participation Fee : ₹ 400 , Prize : ₹ 7000

(Drone Racing)
This is a drone racing event. Here the participant will have to design a quad-copter drone that can follow the given path (arena).
The drone that will complete the specified task in least time will be the winner.

Number of players :4


• Each team can have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 members.
• The drone must be quad-copter.
• The base RC - Motors should be in between 800 kv to 1200 kv.
• The frame size should not exceed the base size of Quad-X frame - F450.
• The voltage at any point on the electrical connections should not exceed 12 V DC.
• Participants have to bring their own equipment and power source.
• Power supply of 220v AC will be provided.


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Terms & Conditions

• The drone will be inspected before starting of the event.
• The drone should be assembled on the spot.
• The drone will have to pass through some passages and paths.
• If the drone fails then it should be safely landed in crash zone.
• The flight must not harm nearby people.
• There will be a 5 min. of each time halt for technical timeout maximum for two times.
• Bonus will be awarded if the drone completes the arena before estimated time.
• Same drone cannot be used again, if found so previous team will be disqualified.
• Any touch to the arena will add some penalty.
• In case of any discrepancy the final decision rests in the hands of coordinators and event manager.
• Volunteers deserve all the right to change any rule at any point of time, they are not answerable to the participants.
• Any act of misbehavior or misconduct will lead to immediate disqualification of the team.

Spoc Details

1.Yash Aditya ( contact No : 8877588493)

2.Sushant Muduli ( contact No : 8249380933)